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Result Based Quality Testing Service

- Pay based on Outcome 


  • SLA is based on Key Performance Indicators like Quality Quotient, Testing Efficiency, Test Coverage, Test Effectiveness etc.
  • Regular reporting to track status and progress
  • Track Agreed KPIs and compensate us accordingly
  • You pay for actual testing deliverables, based upon the agreed SLA and not upon the type or number of resources employed
  • Best for continued quality improvement of your products and services

SQE Labs' Result Based Quality Testing engagement model helps you to quantify the outcome of the testing service. It enables you to know what exactly you are paying for.

You no longer need to think about tester’s skills, types of testing performed, Test Strategy defined, Testing techniques adopted etc. We do all these for you. This kind of engagement model will help in aligning interests of your team with us, so that we can always show continual improvement and you can focus on your core business.

By outsourcing your testing related needs, you will be assured for Quality testing processes. An independent testing company looks for defects where the IT programmers tend to miss. Using a specialist provider for testing gives IT leaders the clear reassurance of an independent auditor with no vested interest in completing testing tasks.

Outsourcing application testing can realize cost savings and embed quality as a strategic competency or more through Use of a specialist independent testing supplier.

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